Have you been following my new series called ‘Meet the Guru’s’

I hope you guys are enjoying it so far, I have been trying to come up with a slogan for the show and great Scott I think I’ve got it: “Three personalities under one roof, all in one Goofy show” Like the name? I think it has potential…

Over the period of the show there will be different stories, new characters and relationships developed. In last week’s episode saw the appearance of ‘Charlie Sheen’ with his winning ways teaching The Guru’s a lesson in winning.

The reason behind this series is to show off my many personalities of Acting introducing different characters throughout the course of the series, with many more characters to come!

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The filming of Star Wars has now come to an epic end, now comes the long road ahead of editing visuals and everything else…. good luck with that, Shaun!

I have started a new series on YouTube, Follow The Guru’s every week with new Episodes and new Adventures… Please check out the first episode and drop kick the LIKE button if you enjoy it and want to see more:


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Hey guys it’s been a while I know, and my posting on this blog from a rating of 1 to 2% has been none existant.

I have been fairly busy as of late, I am a very busy bee!!! (I still need to master the art of flying like one though)

I have been filming Star Wars with a well-known production company in my area, and I have been cast to play the lead role. Exciting times right? …right

The whole movie(s) are done via green screen which is the directors ‘unique’ style of making movies and that has got him noticed in the past as a filming making company. He makes them different to anyone else and there is those that are terrified to produce a movie done all with the use of green screening. The Force must be strong with this one…

Filming finishes next month for all of my scenes and a lot of work has been put into making this movie.

I say movie but it’s going to be a Trilogy in 3 parts. Working on this as an Actor has really tested me to see what I can do and pushed me to go further.

I have also been updating all of you guys with it’s progress via my YouTube (JDTheGuru) and I am currently in the process of having one-on-one Interviews with the cast. Darth Vader was the first I Interviewed asking him some awkward questions and I also try to steal a lightsaber…



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This was a short movie I was cast in last year, if you like it please leave a comment, like and don’t forget to subscribe. – This short movie was written by Ben Jones, I do own the rights to it.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Welcome to WWS! what does that stand for, Weekly Wednesday Shoutouts… I know, very creative of me isn’t it 🙂

If any of you extremely beautiful people out there would like to be featured on this then leave a comment either on this Post, or on the video.

This new series is focused on getting new subscribers for others on YouTube as well as building my audience, and as weeks go on… every Wednesday I will be mixing it up doing different things that will interact me with my audience.


Please stay tuned for my Winning ways!

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Old Spice | My Experience

What’s your Experience? Here is mine:

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Let’s have some fun in the Snow! that’s righy guys it’s SNOWING!!!

We all wish it would Snow around Christmas time because it would make the holiday season seem that bit more magical. We would sing Christmas songs about the snow falling while we hit eachother in the face with snowballs… nothing says Christmas more then that right.

But Christmas is over and it’s Snowing outside! better late then never I guess, it’s January and we have snow. Let’s hope it stays for a while so I can play in the snow. I know, I’m a child..


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