A lot of time has passed now since the aggressively addictive rage-filled game known as Flappy Bird, which has now been pulled from the App Store (but it’s apparently going to be making it’s return…GOD HELP US ALL!!!) Since that time I have discovered Smash Hit, Smash Hit is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play Store, this game created by Mediocre AB is very simple, straight forward, fun and graphically impressive.

Smash Hit involves you tapping on the screen to throw balls, hitting crystals before you quickly pass them. As you progress through this game like most games out there, it get’s more challenging as you progress. It get’s fast and more things appear that you need to hit to continue successfully.

I found myself sitting with a friend for half an hour… in the same room both playing Smash Hit, competing with one and other to see who can get the furthest. This might sound all puppies and rainbows compared to Flappy Bird which, it is! but it can get frustrating because once you get hit enough times by obstacles in your path you will lose balls (no pun intended) and once you lose your balls, it’s game over!

You will also find yourself breaking a lot of glass… Enjoy

iOS Download – Android Download


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