I downloaded this game about a week ago, I know I’m late to the party. My friend being as nice as he is told me to download this game thinking it would be a great new game to experience and play… I will never forgive him for this!

I was sitting in a Coffee shop, decided to take his word for it and downloaded it, first impressions “Colourful” and very Super Mario-ish with the level designs and that ANNOYING bird!!! The bird has huge ass lips and looks like the fish from Super Mario. So I only assume that Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen got the style for his game from Super Mario, or even just ripped it from the Super Mario games.

When I downloaded this game, the first time I hit one of those identical Super Mario green pipes I thought “Okay I get it now” 15 minutes later and I’m still trying to get a score of 10. In those 15 minutes a lot of people gave me some strange looks, no idea why… maybe it was because I was shouting at my phone in anger every time the stupid bird/Mario fish hits a pipe. I eventually got myself on a role, my friend watched in amazement as he kept hearing the “Ding” sound as I passed through the pipes, only to then faceplant the floor and die with a score of 18. I felt like throwing my phone down a flight of stairs.

A week has passed and I’m still playing Flappy Bird, with a score of 29 being my highest. Some of my buddies in College have racked up a much higher score, I hate them all!

When someone interrupts you while you’re playing Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird earns 50k a day because from ad revenue, and it’s been downloaded 50 Million times on the app store. This very simple taping game has made Dong Nguye a millionaire as it currently sits nicely in the number 1 spot in both the iOS and Google Play app stores.

Play Flappy Bird Online


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