Introducing Facebook Paper – Happy 10th Anniversary

I never thought in a million years that I would be reviewing something to do with Facebook, or even mention the word “Facebook” on this blog… Please ‘Like‘ me on Facebook –>

Anyways last night I decided to download Facebook’s new app that is free for iOS devices, just iOS devices… Paper is also only available in the US (At the moment.) If you want to download Paper you will need to create a US iTunes account to do so.

So I hopped on over to my US iTunes account and downloaded Facebook’s Paper. After starting it up I thought straight away “This is Flipboard but with Facebook’s branding where you can swipe to different feeds for Tech, Social, News and other stuff. It has Flipboard written all over it! but I like it and it’s a great leap forward for Facebook. It’s great, I’ve said that already… picture Tony the Tiger saying “It’s great”

If you find yourself using the Facebook app a lot, like I do unfortunately because I have no life. You should definitely download Paper, and by doing so you will no doubt find yourself never having to open the standard Facebook app ever again because compared to Paper, the standard app blows monkey chunks.

Paper takes your News Feed and recreates it, by turning it into a horizontally scrolling set of screens with your interests on each of them. At first glance I thought Paper was just another reading app out there and boy was I so wrong, I don’t think that I have ever said that line in my life… I didn’t, I typed it. With Paper you can still view your complete Profile, read private messages, comments, view images and have access to all of your notifications. As already stated, it has everything that the standard app has but it’s just better.

So with this app and the standard Facebook app Facebook is truly trying to take over our home screens. CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated “new and engaging types of mobile experiences”

Today also marks the 10th Anniversary of Facebook, or as it was originally named ‘thefacebook’ I don’t like Facebook, in-fact I can’t stand Facebook. Too many people complaining about nothing that is important or relevant. They post what they are doing every minute of the day, like anyone cares… nobody cares. But I do have the greatest respect for Facebook as a company and the amazing hard work that Mark Zuckerberg has put into it.

Download Facebook’s Paper


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