As the title reads, Happy New Year, Happy DELAYED New Year…

I spent the Christmas period in Florida, fitting in with American community for a month. Or as American residents refer to people in the Florida area, fitting in with the”Floridians.”

I went to Florida armed with everything I needed, my camera, my RODE mic and my tripod… the essential on the road kit for any YouTuber or for anyone who is a budding film maker. Whilst in Florida I continued my “MEET THE GURUS” series with a spin. I took my three most liked characters with me and I came up with a storyline that would act as a “Christmas Special” and it would in fact bring Season One of my series to a close ready for the start of Season Two in 2014.

Just before I traveled to America I had a random urge to watch all of the Hangover movies, not a Christmas movie like normal people do when it’s the holiday season. So with my urge to watch the Hangover movies, a light-bulb went off inside my very small head to create my own version of The Hangover with a MEET THE GURUS twist which would later be known as “A Christmas Hangover

After returning back from Florida and getting back to the amazing British weather… this was a perfect time for me to take a few weeks break from my series on YouTube and decided what I was going to do next with these characters. In that time I created a new logo for my brand, new channel art adding an American flag to it which shows my love for the United States… anyone who lands on my Channel Page knows straight away my love for the United States.

I created a new T-Shirt design ready for the second season of MEET THE GURUS. On the 22nd of January, Season Two had begun. I decided to include characters outside of, let’s just call it “The World of JD’s” with the caption for the second season being “This time they have brought along some friends for the ride”

So in Season Two with my friends included, instead of just multiple JD’s this will open the doors for new storylines, relationships and characters. My overall goal: more engagement, my friends telling their friends which in-turn will bring in new subscribers and fans.

It’a also a yearly tradition to come up with New Years Resolutions, I didn’t come up with any… Thanks for reading!


About jd

I'm a guy who discusses games, movies, rumours and random rambles. I will also try to my best to do a new Vlog every day! I have a YouTube Channel, I do random Vlogging and my name is J.D so please stick around
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