I have recently realized that I have a Blog which means I’m a Blogger… but I haven’t wrote anything on my Blog for a while apart from the usual spamming of my videos which in all honestly, isn’t really want a Blog is for.

So here it is…

I have recently embarked on a new adventure of going back to College to study Performing Arts and gain the necessary training needed to help me progress further as an Actor. For the past year or so I have been involved in a number of auditions, getting rejected time and time again. With the odd one that was a success, I have also been doing extra work, student films, and so on.

With many rejections and my Agent (Fox Casting) sending my CV to casting directors and hearing nothing back, or getting the famous “They liked you but they decided to go with someone else” Plenty more opportunities right?

They say all that really matters more then anything else on an Actors, or Actresses CV is the experience they have had in the industry which I believe is half true. If you have a lot of experience with no proper training who do you think they will go with? The person with the experience or the person with the proper training.

So with that in mind, I decided to enroll into College to study Performing Arts for 3 years and doing this will gain me the knowledge and training needed to get discovered quicker then someone with just experience to go on.

I am currently studying Performing Arts Level 3 BTEC National Diploma for two years and after that I will hopefully continue my studies going into University. Aiming to graduate after four long years studying all there is to learn and know about Acting.

Also, here is a link… from Zelda, I am currently reading through The Actors Handbook 2013-14 Edition which gives you so much amazing information about being an Actor or Actress in the Industry:

My dream is to make it as an Actor, what’s yours?


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I'm a guy who discusses games, movies, rumours and random rambles. I will also try to my best to do a new Vlog every day! I have a YouTube Channel, I do random Vlogging and my name is J.D so please stick around
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