Recently, myself and the amazing ‘Team Alpha Productions‘ got together to make a short video for Film Riots latest Monday Challenge.

Film Riot were established in 2009 making films and showing inspiring film makers tutorials on how to make the perfect looking film. Whether it be in Hollywood, independent, student or just a home made movie. By watching Film Riot you will be able to learn what’s the best camera’s to use for filming, the best lighting rigs, audio equipment, props and editing software.

So for those inspiring future film makers out there… Film Riot has all of the answers for you! – This isn’t a sponsor, or paid article for Film Riot, they are just awesome and know stuff!

Now back to what I was originally going to discuss with Team Alpha Productions, TAP for short, like a tap you would get water from, or tap as in ‘tap’ dancing…

Film Riot gave everyone a scenario for those who would be doing the challenge and the scenario was: To create a short film one minute or less film, using a Plunger as the prop, with a line of dialogue saying “It’s not mine”,

So with that information we created a weird and unusual short titled “Who’s The Daddy” (Viewer Discretion is advised, things get weird…) – Enjoy!

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About jd

I'm a guy who discusses games, movies, rumours and random rambles. I will also try to my best to do a new Vlog every day! I have a YouTube Channel, I do random Vlogging and my name is J.D so please stick around
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