Hey guys it’s been a while I know, and my posting on this blog from a rating of 1 to 2% has been none existant.

I have been fairly busy as of late, I am a very busy bee!!! (I still need to master the art of flying like one though)

I have been filming Star Wars with a well-known production company in my area, and I have been cast to play the lead role. Exciting times right? …right

The whole movie(s) are done via green screen which is the directors ‘unique’ style of making movies and that has got him noticed in the past as a filming making company. He makes them different to anyone else and there is those that are terrified to produce a movie done all with the use of green screening. The Force must be strong with this one…

Filming finishes next month for all of my scenes and a lot of work has been put into making this movie.

I say movie but it’s going to be a Trilogy in 3 parts. Working on this as an Actor has really tested me to see what I can do and pushed me to go further.

I have also been updating all of you guys with it’s progress via my YouTube (JDTheGuru) and I am currently in the process of having one-on-one Interviews with the cast. Darth Vader was the first I Interviewed asking him some awkward questions and I also try to steal a lightsaber…




About jd

I'm a guy who discusses games, movies, rumours and random rambles. I will also try to my best to do a new Vlog every day! I have a YouTube Channel, I do random Vlogging and my name is J.D so please stick around
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