Before this website and my YouTube Vlogging, I started out in 2009 with a gaming website where I discussed gaming news and reviews.

I still do a lot of work on this site when I purchase new games I review them, I also crown console and games of the year and look at upcoming games that is going to be released. I also do the occasional ramble and rants regarding my opinions on games.

In 2009 HaxorNoob started off very small with just three members to the site: myself (JDTheGuru) my cousin (Kaptin Orsum) and his friend Daverism. Kaptin Orsum was, and still remains the founder of HaxorNoob.com. With Kaptin Orsum beng very busy outside of the site I gained control very quickly after Christmas 2009 as I was the solo member of the site that still updated it daily with reviews and news. Over the years many members have come and gone, mainly due to them not putting the time and effort into it as they promised.

Once more, I am still the solo member of HaxorNoob, former members do comment on articles now and again and TheOnlyJenk also works behind the scenes of the site creating logo’s and new designs.  The years it has went through some changes to fit with the modern times and adding social networking to it as well as an active community forum that didn’t lift off as much as I expected it too.


About jd

I'm a guy who discusses games, movies, rumours and random rambles. I will also try to my best to do a new Vlog every day! I have a YouTube Channel, I do random Vlogging and my name is J.D so please stick around
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