YO! Buy an Xbox One, B*tch!

What would have made this more fitting is if Aaron Paul watched a Breaking Bad episode alongside playing Titanfall, and of course saying the word “B*tch” in this advertisement.

Xbox One b*tch… no!

Aaron Paul is an awesome actor and pulled off an outstanding performance throughout the entire Breaking Bad series, but seeing this commercial with Aaron paul trying to sell the Xbox One doesn’t at all make me want to rush out and buy an Xbox One.

Xbox one fail, b*tch!

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A lot of time has passed now since the aggressively addictive rage-filled game known as Flappy Bird, which has now been pulled from the App Store (but it’s apparently going to be making it’s return…GOD HELP US ALL!!!) Since that time I have discovered Smash Hit, Smash Hit is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play Store, this game created by Mediocre AB is very simple, straight forward, fun and graphically impressive.

Smash Hit involves you tapping on the screen to throw balls, hitting crystals before you quickly pass them. As you progress through this game like most games out there, it get’s more challenging as you progress. It get’s fast and more things appear that you need to hit to continue successfully.

I found myself sitting with a friend for half an hour… in the same room both playing Smash Hit, competing with one and other to see who can get the furthest. This might sound all puppies and rainbows compared to Flappy Bird which, it is! but it can get frustrating because once you get hit enough times by obstacles in your path you will lose balls (no pun intended) and once you lose your balls, it’s game over!

You will also find yourself breaking a lot of glass… Enjoy

iOS Download – Android Download

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I downloaded this game about a week ago, I know I’m late to the party. My friend being as nice as he is told me to download this game thinking it would be a great new game to experience and play… I will never forgive him for this!

I was sitting in a Coffee shop, decided to take his word for it and downloaded it, first impressions “Colourful” and very Super Mario-ish with the level designs and that ANNOYING bird!!! The bird has huge ass lips and looks like the fish from Super Mario. So I only assume that Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen got the style for his game from Super Mario, or even just ripped it from the Super Mario games.

When I downloaded this game, the first time I hit one of those identical Super Mario green pipes I thought “Okay I get it now” 15 minutes later and I’m still trying to get a score of 10. In those 15 minutes a lot of people gave me some strange looks, no idea why… maybe it was because I was shouting at my phone in anger every time the stupid bird/Mario fish hits a pipe. I eventually got myself on a role, my friend watched in amazement as he kept hearing the “Ding” sound as I passed through the pipes, only to then faceplant the floor and die with a score of 18. I felt like throwing my phone down a flight of stairs.

A week has passed and I’m still playing Flappy Bird, with a score of 29 being my highest. Some of my buddies in College have racked up a much higher score, I hate them all!

When someone interrupts you while you’re playing Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird earns 50k a day because from ad revenue, and it’s been downloaded 50 Million times on the app store. This very simple taping game has made Dong Nguye a millionaire as it currently sits nicely in the number 1 spot in both the iOS and Google Play app stores.

Play Flappy Bird Online

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Introducing Facebook Paper – Happy 10th Anniversary

I never thought in a million years that I would be reviewing something to do with Facebook, or even mention the word “Facebook” on this blog… Please ‘Like‘ me on Facebook –>

Anyways last night I decided to download Facebook’s new app that is free for iOS devices, just iOS devices… Paper is also only available in the US (At the moment.) If you want to download Paper you will need to create a US iTunes account to do so.

So I hopped on over to my US iTunes account and downloaded Facebook’s Paper. After starting it up I thought straight away “This is Flipboard but with Facebook’s branding where you can swipe to different feeds for Tech, Social, News and other stuff. It has Flipboard written all over it! but I like it and it’s a great leap forward for Facebook. It’s great, I’ve said that already… picture Tony the Tiger saying “It’s great”

If you find yourself using the Facebook app a lot, like I do unfortunately because I have no life. You should definitely download Paper, and by doing so you will no doubt find yourself never having to open the standard Facebook app ever again because compared to Paper, the standard app blows monkey chunks.

Paper takes your News Feed and recreates it, by turning it into a horizontally scrolling set of screens with your interests on each of them. At first glance I thought Paper was just another reading app out there and boy was I so wrong, I don’t think that I have ever said that line in my life… I didn’t, I typed it. With Paper you can still view your complete Profile, read private messages, comments, view images and have access to all of your notifications. As already stated, it has everything that the standard app has but it’s just better.

So with this app and the standard Facebook app Facebook is truly trying to take over our home screens. CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated “new and engaging types of mobile experiences”

Today also marks the 10th Anniversary of Facebook, or as it was originally named ‘thefacebook’ I don’t like Facebook, in-fact I can’t stand Facebook. Too many people complaining about nothing that is important or relevant. They post what they are doing every minute of the day, like anyone cares… nobody cares. But I do have the greatest respect for Facebook as a company and the amazing hard work that Mark Zuckerberg has put into it.

Download Facebook’s Paper

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As the title reads, Happy New Year, Happy DELAYED New Year…

I spent the Christmas period in Florida, fitting in with American community for a month. Or as American residents refer to people in the Florida area, fitting in with the”Floridians.”

I went to Florida armed with everything I needed, my camera, my RODE mic and my tripod… the essential on the road kit for any YouTuber or for anyone who is a budding film maker. Whilst in Florida I continued my “MEET THE GURUS” series with a spin. I took my three most liked characters with me and I came up with a storyline that would act as a “Christmas Special” and it would in fact bring Season One of my series to a close ready for the start of Season Two in 2014.

Just before I traveled to America I had a random urge to watch all of the Hangover movies, not a Christmas movie like normal people do when it’s the holiday season. So with my urge to watch the Hangover movies, a light-bulb went off inside my very small head to create my own version of The Hangover with a MEET THE GURUS twist which would later be known as “A Christmas Hangover

After returning back from Florida and getting back to the amazing British weather… this was a perfect time for me to take a few weeks break from my series on YouTube and decided what I was going to do next with these characters. In that time I created a new logo for my brand, new channel art adding an American flag to it which shows my love for the United States… anyone who lands on my Channel Page knows straight away my love for the United States.

I created a new T-Shirt design ready for the second season of MEET THE GURUS. On the 22nd of January, Season Two had begun. I decided to include characters outside of, let’s just call it “The World of JD’s” with the caption for the second season being “This time they have brought along some friends for the ride”

So in Season Two with my friends included, instead of just multiple JD’s this will open the doors for new storylines, relationships and characters. My overall goal: more engagement, my friends telling their friends which in-turn will bring in new subscribers and fans.

It’a also a yearly tradition to come up with New Years Resolutions, I didn’t come up with any… Thanks for reading!

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I have recently realized that I have a Blog which means I’m a Blogger… but I haven’t wrote anything on my Blog for a while apart from the usual spamming of my videos which in all honestly, isn’t really want a Blog is for.

So here it is…

I have recently embarked on a new adventure of going back to College to study Performing Arts and gain the necessary training needed to help me progress further as an Actor. For the past year or so I have been involved in a number of auditions, getting rejected time and time again. With the odd one that was a success, I have also been doing extra work, student films, and so on.

With many rejections and my Agent (Fox Casting) sending my CV to casting directors and hearing nothing back, or getting the famous “They liked you but they decided to go with someone else” Plenty more opportunities right?

They say all that really matters more then anything else on an Actors, or Actresses CV is the experience they have had in the industry which I believe is half true. If you have a lot of experience with no proper training who do you think they will go with? The person with the experience or the person with the proper training.

So with that in mind, I decided to enroll into College to study Performing Arts for 3 years and doing this will gain me the knowledge and training needed to get discovered quicker then someone with just experience to go on.

I am currently studying Performing Arts Level 3 BTEC National Diploma for two years and after that I will hopefully continue my studies going into University. Aiming to graduate after four long years studying all there is to learn and know about Acting.

Also, here is a link… from Zelda, I am currently reading through The Actors Handbook 2013-14 Edition which gives you so much amazing information about being an Actor or Actress in the Industry:  http://www.castingcallpro.com/uk/book.php

My dream is to make it as an Actor, what’s yours?

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Recently, myself and the amazing ‘Team Alpha Productions‘ got together to make a short video for Film Riots latest Monday Challenge.

Film Riot were established in 2009 making films and showing inspiring film makers tutorials on how to make the perfect looking film. Whether it be in Hollywood, independent, student or just a home made movie. By watching Film Riot you will be able to learn what’s the best camera’s to use for filming, the best lighting rigs, audio equipment, props and editing software.

So for those inspiring future film makers out there… Film Riot has all of the answers for you! – This isn’t a sponsor, or paid article for Film Riot, they are just awesome and know stuff!

Now back to what I was originally going to discuss with Team Alpha Productions, TAP for short, like a tap you would get water from, or tap as in ‘tap’ dancing…

Film Riot gave everyone a scenario for those who would be doing the challenge and the scenario was: To create a short film one minute or less film, using a Plunger as the prop, with a line of dialogue saying “It’s not mine”,

So with that information we created a weird and unusual short titled “Who’s The Daddy” (Viewer Discretion is advised, things get weird…) – Enjoy!

Subscribe to Film Riot  –  Subscribe to Team Alpha Productions 

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